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Moments to be Photographed in an Indian Wedding

As a Candid Wedding Photographer I have covered a lot of Indian Weddings. An experienced photographer knows what to be captured at that moment. But at times some of us may not sometimes they may miss some special moments of your wedding. If it is missed then it is missed forever. But being a bride and groom you guys can make a check list and shortlist the moments that are super special and must be captured at any cost. So, here we are giving a list of all these special moments.

Bride Getting Ready

Some moments of a bride would never like to forget the moments when she adorns the beautiful wedding dress and put on her make-up along with the accessories. So, the camera person should capture some shots of the bride’s make-up, hair styling etc. as these are very precious moments for a girl.

Groom Styling Up

A groom also feels the same way as the Bride feels. Pictures of the groom getting ready for the wedding along with the pictures of the shoes, perfume, his attire, Wrist Watch etc. Candid shots will be great for the groom.

Baraat Photos

The most colorfull and joyfull enjoyable moment is the baraat ceremony. Most of the candid moments can be captured at this ceremony. Here people will be themselves, trust me your client will love the pictures if they are candid.

The Grooms Entry

The fun filled tradition between the son in law and the mother in law. Candid will be fun.

The Brides Entry

The Candid Photos of the couple

Every groom and bride gets exited at their time of marriage which comes on their faces in the form of their expressions after seeing each other, they smile, they talk, they make faces. Do not dare to miss these pictures

The Traditional Couple Poses

Also along with the candid photos do not forget to click their couple photos and individual photos of the bride and Groom

The family Photos

Do not forget family is everything

Candid Shots of Bride and Groom


Last but not the least Bidaai Shots. The final good bye to the family, the most emotional moment for a bride to leave the house where she stayed all her childhood


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