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What is Photography

What is Photography?

Definition of Photography: Everyone has a different perspective of Photography. Some say it is playing with light some say it's painting with light. Some say it's an art of taking pictures and some say it's an art of taking pictures and processing it.

If you ask me. I will say Photography is the art of taking pictures with the help of light and processing it.

Hello! Harish Nair here from Harish Nair Photography, I

am in to wedding photography more than 7 years covering mostly Mumbai,

Navi Mumbai and suburbs. But open to cover weddings

all over India.

Photography is similar to drawing. Photography means painting

with light because light plays an important role in

photography. That's why a photographer is called as an

artist. When I am on my project of clicking pictures. It

takes atleast 2 to 4 minutes to click my first picture for the

given time of the day as there is some criteria for me to click the picture. I see the amount of light present at the time and the amount of light falling on the subject also see the angle of light falling on the subject.. And if I use an external source of

light then it might increase another minute.

Photographing different subjects need different expertise.

For example if you are Photographing a kid you need to

be more patient as kids won't act according to you. If

you are clicking a lifeless object it's far more easy as you

don't need to look for expressions. But it's your expertise

to bring life in the picture even it is a lifeless object.

Post processing plays an important role in photography.

But if possible do it in camera itself so that you won't be

dependent upon external softwares. But at some point of

time you need external editing software.

With basic editing software also you can make a quality

photographs. The above photo is edited in the basic EDIT

software of an android phone. You can see the before and

after version of the same picture.

There are lot of options of editing cropping, increase in

and decrease in brightness, contrast, vibrance, proper

white balance likewise. It all depends upon the mood of

the photographer. A photo can be moulded in so many

ways depending on the mood of the photographer.

In coming blogs I will cover the basics of Photography

and editing. Watch out for more in here. Visit for wedding and pre wedding photo



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